An elegant short halter-neck bridal dress made of the finest georgette and silk backed satin crepe. This stylish wedding dress comprises of a beautifully cut bodice which has a long V-neck ending at the waistline, displaying delicate ruching on the bust area. The bodice is complimented by a rich fitted pointed waistband, made of fully sequinned silk fabric, adding a subtle sparkle to this flattering waistline, while enhancing the complexion of the exposed skin at the back of the dress. The unusual skirt gently drapes down exposing beautiful layers of panelled georgette, showcasing asymmetric inserts to add an exquisite unique look and wonderful movement to this outfit. This classic yet contemporary sensual wedding dress is one of the favourites for weddings abroad and is also a strong contender for less formal events. Marilyn is exclusive to Fiorisimo’s Bridal collection, available in our London Richmond boutique, in standard sizes or can be made to measure. For an appointment contact us or call us on 020 8439 9999